Are you a busy female leader or entrepreneur who values a professional appearance, luxury beauty products, and convenience?

Are you a female leader or entrepreneur who values a professional appearance, luxury beauty products, and convenience?


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hey Girlfriend! 

Growing up, I have always been a tomboy never a girlie girl. In high school, I went from tomboy to female jock. I can remember when my mother actually begged me to wear lipstick. She believed I needed to at least have on lipstick. So I rocked a plum lipstick and that was all the makeup I wore.

When I got to college, I went from female jock to geek. I can remember my study buddy Dawn. She never left the dorm without a full face of makeup. I would wonder how early she got up to have such a pretty face. I decide I would have to wait on learning glam techniques until after graduation because I had my share of all-nighters as Mechanical Engineering major.

A beauty regimen didn't seem to be important until I started interviewing for jobs. I wanted to have a professional look. I connected with a Mary Kay beauty consultant. She helped me find a skin care regimen that control my breakouts so my oily skin started to clear up. I was committed to my skin care regimen because I love clear skin. I wanted to continue to enhance my natural beauty while helping others do the same. So I went from geek to be a Mary Kay beauty consultant AKA beauty enthusiast.

But why should you care about my journey from years ago? Because I built a life and a career out of telling stories like this to women like you. I built a life and a career out of sharing my experiences, lessons I've learned and creating relationships with women. Who feel alone, defeated, and afraid of all the "what ifs" about their beauty regimen. I have made it my job to be a resource for beauty novices, beauty enthusiasts , and all the ladies between.

​But who I am?
I’m Inga Faison-Cavitt AKA IngaFay. Ingafay was a nickname created by one of my college buddies. I went to college with another girl named Inga. Imagine that, two Inga’s on the same campus. Yep, weird but true. 🤗

I'm a beauty enthusiast. I understand that when you look good, you feel good so you can do more. It is my passion to help women rock their God-given attributes to be all they envision themselves to be. I'm honored to share my journey and key learnings over years while serving others via  online skincare consultations.

I am a mom who faces new challenges and struggles daily. As my husband and I, raise our son to be the best and brightest that he can be. 

I'm a work in progress but I can share with you what I know. I can be a resource for you. ​“Beauty to me, is about being comfortable in your skin...”​
We'll laugh together. We'll learn together.
And I hope we can grow together. I can't wait to share my journey with you. 


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